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This policy is ALWAYS under review!!!

We will, if asked, save a table (seat) for you if you have a specific medical need for one, please advise us when you are making your booking.

Disabled access to the venue is not difficult, although the room is not "officially" suitable for disabled persons. There is a ramp up to the front door and level access from there but the gents toilet is not really suitable for those in a wheelchair. However, the ladies loo is reasonable and can be used as a temporary "gents" should the need arise. It is suggested that a wheelchair user should be accompanied by an able bodied person if they attend. Anyone attending is a wheelchair MUST be able to at least stand and turn to use the loo.

We will, occasionally, save tables for large groups (Where this MUST be a group of 10+) that might struggle to get seats all together, if you want one please advise. This will be at our discretion only and is not guaranteed. Equally we cannot be held to account if somebody sits at "your" table ahead of your arrival. A saved table is just that - it does NOT guarantee all (say) ten a seat.

It you tell us that you, or a member of your party, is disabled and we spot them up dancing all night (and we do check!) then you will not be permitted to reserve seats again going forward.

If you arrive and find that tables have been reserved it will almost certainly be for one of the above reasons. Please also note that "medical reasons" are not always obvious!!

We do not, to be fair to everyone, save ad-hoc tables.

The moral of this story is that if you want a seat we open the doors at 8.30 (usually) and you should try to be towards the front of the queue. The seating capacity of the venue is around 80.

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